indexWhy The Rise of Emoticons Should Make You Rethink Your Recruitment Process

Unless you have been living in a completely digital free world for the last few years you will have no doubt been exposed to emoticons. Defined as a pictorial representation of a physical expression, these little emotion icons are popping up everywhere from Facebook to text messaging and even creeping into the more professional realm of LinkedIn or work emails.  What might have been originally dismissed as frivolity, emoticons have become a more and more acceptable form of informal communication.

But what has all this to do with recruitment? Think for a moment about why these little images have become so popular. Often a facial expression can convey a point much more adequately than verbalising it. Which is more convincing, a happy face or someone simply telling you they are happy?  Emoticons are based on one thing recruiters have always known. Non-verbal cues tell a story, and cannot be ignored. 


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