download (2)Why businesses should be adapting to make work-life balance an option

My friend Beatrice is an accidental flex worker. Made redundant when her company decided to downsize, she was later asked to return when the economy picked up and the company needed her skills and experience. She did return – only this time, on her own terms: as a consultant, working part-time and flexibly. Now she enjoys a healthy balance between the work she loves and the time needed to care for her three young children.

Beatrice is lucky to continue to work in her area of expertise while also having time to raise her family. Her employer is lucky, too. They continue to profit from investment in her training and development, her years of experience in the field and, consequently, her ability to work competently, reliably and independently.

In terms of her career trajectory, Beatrice describes herself as having hit a “plateau,” when her children are older and family demands decrease, she can see herself advancing up the ladder – just as her boss did before her.


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