videoDo Video Interviews Give Recruiters Enough Information?

Video interviews are picking up steam in the recruitment world. It’s easy to see why. The convenience is unparalleled, the reach is global, and the logistics are virtually seamless. Recruiters can schedule more candidates in less time, talk to people in any geographical location, and do it all without interrupting daily activities at the office.

It’s not just about numbers, either. The convenience of video streaming means that top talent—people who are very busy and in-demand—are more likely to dip a toe in the water. After all, it’s not hard to switch on a camera and have a chat. There are no complicated driving directions, no parking debacles—and as long as everything looks good from the waste up, Bermuda shorts are no problem on either end.

The bottom line is that streaming can indeed streamline your efforts. It isn’t, however, a silver bullet. Any company who wishes to explore this 21st century method should study its strengths and its weaknesses before settling on a strategy.


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