shutterstock_58382266-728x410Is Video Interviewing Suitable for all Role Types?

Following this year’s annual CIPD HR Software & Recruitment Exhibition, it would be safe to say that video interviewing technology is taking centre stage as a likely suspect to be included in any recruiter’s technology tool kit. There are strong indicators that this trend will continue, as more and more recruiters adopt the technology. After all, if video interviewing saves you time and money and is very cost effective, you’d have to ask, ‘why wouldn’t you use it?’

But there seemed to be a number of misconceptions about video interviewing. In discussions it became clear that some recruiters had genuine concerns about which roles would suit video interviewing and which wouldn’t – so much so that some were still waiting for ‘the right role’ to come along so they could test the water. The same concerns were raised about different industry sectors.


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