tumblr_nqx977yGTE1tubinno1_1280Video Interviewing: The Employment Process in the Digital World

Times have changed and video interviewing has taken the world by storm. Between 2010 and 2012, the use of video interviewing raised by about a third. Since then, it’s only been getting more popular.

It’s cheaper, more time efficient and more convenient. In 2015, just over three-quarters of job-seekers are already in full-time employment, and many face difficulties finding a time at which they can interview. Video-interviewing allows candidates the happy convenience of interviewing at home or at times that are better-suited to their schedule. As well as this, it drastically cuts travelling costs and expenses.

The question to be answered, however, is the effectiveness of it – does it work? Do candidates come across differently in a virtual meeting?

SOURCE: bamboocrowd.co.uk

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