TM_0715_Feature1_v2_680-editedTechnology’s Role in Onboarding

Developing an effective onboarding process is tricky. It’s a delicate balance of company culture and adequate training, with the goal being not only to engage new hires but also increase the likelihood of knowledge retention.

The pressure to do this right can be formidable for both the employer and the new hire. How can an organization train a newly acquired employee while developing an effective onboarding process?

The answer in today’s business environment: technology.

Advancements in technology can make a difference in the onboarding process. Although they will never replace interpersonal communication, technologies like virtual interviews, social media, self-service portals and learning management systems augment it. The onboarding process doesn’t thrive solely on the textbook teachings of corporate classrooms; it’s a structured mechanism fueled by the fluidity of modern workplace technology.


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