Dial-Tone-Rotary-Phone-300x296All Recruiting is Mobile Recruiting

I’m lucky (or unlucky) enough to have gone to enough recruiting related events and conferences over the past few years to realize that while mobile has progressed to the point of ubiquity, for some reason, the “thought leaders” thoughtlessly keep offering up the same old drivel as ever about “mobile recruiting.”

If you need that business case made for you, look up from your smartphone screen and pay attention. You probably won’t have to look far to see the impact of mobile in the real world, without some pundit or “practitioner” (whatever the hell that actually means) shoving a bunch of statistics and surveys in your face to realize, yeah, mobile is kind of a big deal.


Just look for the person who’s completely lacking in tact or self-awareness readjusting their selfie stick. Unfortunately, they’re pretty much everywhere these days – an indictment, for better or for worse, of the fact that while we’ve been talking about moving to mobile for recruiting, pretty much the entire pool of candidates we’re ostensibly recruiting for have already made the move. Any discussion about “mobile recruiting” is about as asinine and antiquated as your average employee handbook.

SOURCE: recruitingdaily.com

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