HireRight-Interviews-Candidate-ExperienceJob Interviews Shape the Candidate Experience

According to the latest information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job market has turned in favor of the job seeker. Yep, we’re in a candidate driven market. This means that the conversations we’ve been having about employment branding, career portals and the candidate experience are significant to our future recruitment efforts. We can no longer wait for the market to shift. The shift has already happened.

As much as we might be tempted to label the candidate experience a buzzword, we have to resist the urge. The candidate experience is important. But it’s made up of many touch points: from the moment an applicant applies for the job using their mobile device to their arrival on the first day of work. One touchpoint that is sometimes missed in the conversation is the job interview.

Many pieces of the hiring process are maintained by human resources. The job interview is that place in the process where multiple people get involved. Making sure that everyone who is a part of the hiring process understands their role in the candidate experience is key.

SOURCE: hrbartender.com

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