CrowdInsights Into the Candidate Experience of Video Interviewing: Then and Now

In our recent guest post for On Reflection, the inclusive journal for practitioners, we discussed the findings of our new candidate experience white paper, “200,000 Insights on the Candidate Experience of Video Interviewing”.

The Candidate Experience of Video Interviewing

The fifth volume of Sonru’s popular candidate experience white paper series has just been published and offers extensive insight and analysis. “200,000 Insights on the Candidate Experience of Video Interviewing” derives from the data of 200,000 randomly selected candidate interviews completed on the Sonru system along with the findings from over 30,000 candidate survey responses. A ground breaking addition to this volume of the white paper is the grouping of responses by year since 2011. The shift in findings clearly demonstrates how far video interviewing has evolved over four years since Sonru began to formally collect candidate feedback.


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