land-rover-100mm-speedometer-w-693-pHow to Speed up your Contract Recruitment Process

When you’re looking for a permanent team member you know you have the want, you know what they’re going to be doing, and, if they’re being employed to replace a current member of staff, you might have a month within which to find your perfect candidate (but let’s not hide from the fact that time is money and the quicker you can hire the right person, the better for your organisation and your bottom line).

Looking for a contractor is very similar; there is the want, there are defined parameters of what they will be doing, but you don’t have the luxury of time – speed is everything. The contractor dilemma is twofold: act too quickly (if you have a little time to plan) and you may secure the perfect contractor – but they may not be able to wait for the start of your project. Act too late and you have to settle for the closest fit, but maybe not the best match.

How do you find the right contractor within tight timeframes using a method that is least disruptive to everyone in the recruitment cycle? The answer is quite simple: automated video interviewing. It has been screaming for you to try for the last few years and, for those who don’t already know, technology has advanced to a level where video screening is as easy as arranging a phone interview (but a hundred times more effective).

The Sonru process is simplifying contractor recruitment across the globe. We have eradicated scheduling issues, we have taken away the headache of after-hours interviewing and we deliver the best contractors via our innovative Sonru web application. By using the iOS or Android app, candidates answer the questions you set in the timeframe you require, at a time that suits them so you can view their answers at a time that suits you.

Just as your time is valuable, so too is a contractor’s. Whether you are a hiring manager or a recruiter, you must harmonise with your shortlist of candidates to ensure you win the person you want. There is nothing more difficult than trying to accomplish this if they are busy working to the rush, stress and pressure that is the end of their current assignment. The end of a project often means the bulk of the work; testing, reporting, more testing, releases, handovers, and more mean that that it’s the wrong time to be taking a day off to travel the country to meet with a manager or recruiter for the next potential assignment. Couple that with the fact that the time a contractor takes off is unpaid and very quickly the interview process becomes a chore.

Sonru’s automated video interviewing platform is the most effective way of exponentially speeding up the time-to-hire contractors, allowing you to quickly determine who will be the best fit before you meet them. Your company-branded Sonru portal will give candidates confidence in your hiring process, providing you with a competitive edge over your less-equipped competitors in the skills market.

If you’ve tried video interviewing and it didn’t work for you then you were with the wrong supplier. If you have never tried it then prepare to have your life changed. Sonru do one thing and we do it very well; we make your hiring process the very best it can be, forever. If you don’t believe us then let one of our hundreds of happy clients explain why they won’t recruit without Sonru, then get in contact and be ready for a game-changing interview process that will make you wonder how you’ve ever lived without it.

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Sonru, a multi-award winning automated online video interview solution for screening candidates, replaces first round phone and on-site interviews.

Sonru is a global leader in the field of Asynchronous Video Selection. As recognised leaders in this field we have established the effectiveness and validity of using video in the recruitment process. Companies like Volvo, Nestlé, CERN, Boston Scientific, EA Games, eBay, Schroders and Oracle have innovated in their talent acquisition processes by using Sonru’s video interview solution.

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