Lights, camera, action!How Long Should a Video Interview Last?

How long should an interview last? 10 minutes? 30 minutes? An hour?

It’s one of the questions that both candidates and recruiters ask themselves with each potential interview. Employers are, after all, not only busy with recruiting but also the day-to-day tasks that keep their business ticking over.

But, there is a new interviewing player on the scene ready to shake up the recruitment process as we know it. If you aren’t aware of video interviewing then the chances are; you’ve been burying your head in the sand. Automated video interviewing platforms make a complicated process a lot simpler and less time consuming – all you need to do is embrace the new technology.

Take Sonru’s innovative solution for instance – it helps bring the best candidates forward by automating the selection process, lowering costs and generally acting as a great and modern way in which to recruit. Although it shares the same objective as telephone screening, there are a number of ways in which their variances can mean the difference between finding that ideal candidate and wasting both yours and their valuable time.

With this in mind, the question changes slightly… how long should a video interview last?

The beauty of an automated video interview is that the employer has complete control over the timing. Each question is given a set time in which the candidates must give their answer. At first, this may sound intimidating, but in reality, it allows the candidate to give an eloquent, articulate answer – with none of the usual small talk or nervous silence-fillers.

The time in which a video interview is completed can vary depending on the interviewer’s preference, however, the team behind the Sonru platform advises that most video interviews are 13-15 minutes long. Indeed, it’s important to remember that most automated video interviews are used as a screening aid and so there is no need to ask a vast amount of questions.  Although the interview will be shorter, there is no quality compromised – if anything it is massively enhanced. An interview that over-runs or is exhausting is no good to either party – a video interview becomes an extension of the company behind it… smart, modern, efficient and considerate to its candidates.

Video interviewing allows the recruiter to set, record and watch the interview at their leisure, eliminating time constraints and permitting a schedule that can easily be worked around. It not only makes the process easier for the employer, but also allows the candidate to choose a time to complete it – making the experience a whole lot more seamless, vastly more convenient and much more immediate.

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