Save Time ConceptHow In-House HR Shared Service Centres Can Save Even More Time

Shared HR service centres have been growing in popularity and use for many years and the economic times we have endured have placed an even greater emphasis on saving costs and time.

If your organisation operates a shared HR service centre then time and cost efficiency are one of your top priorities. In most instances, technology is a facilitator of change as you set out to achieve this vision. Organisations look to sophisticated telephone systems, project management software, electronic documentation systems and so on. But whilst these take care of the communication and administration side of HR, what software is available to streamline another vital aspect – recruitment? At Sonru, we are well aware of the fact that maximising the spend-per-hire and minimising the time-to-hire are vital to every business unit – HR shared service centre or not.

An obvious solution is video interviewing but it has got off to a bit of a slow start. Rumours of it being a time consuming process (when it’s meant to save you time) and the thought of adding another layer of technical know-how to a hiring manager’s skill set perturbs many companies from implementing video interviewing to their hiring strategy. It shouldn’t be difficult!

Sonru is well aware of this and that’s why we have exerted considerable time, effort and money into perfecting automated video interviewing using intuitive design and best-in-class technology. Sonru is so clever, so simple and so effective that the world’s largest corporations are queuing up to be our customers!

Organisations large and small are crying out for an effortless, cost and time effective recruitment process – they want to increase hiring momentum and thanks to the development team at Sonru, that’s exactly what they can do. Let’s run through the process…

1 – Set the questions you want the interviewee to answer.
2 – Set the time you want the interviewee to be allowed to read each question.
3 – Set the time limit for each question to be answered.
4 – Set a deadline for the interview to be completed.
5 – Enter the interviewee’s email address.
6 – Sit back and let Sonru do the rest.

It really is that simple! Hiring managers can then view the completed interview at their convenience – at the office, in front of the television or even on their train journey home. In an organisation with a shared HR service centre, this lightens the load of the HR team – they can manage responses quickly and share the video interviews with line through the Sonru system. You quickly know who’s worthy of a face-to-face and who isn’t.

Don’t believe us? EE has been using Sonru across many departments, for hiring personnel of all levels.

Claire Chalk, Frontline Resourcing Senior is a big Sonru fan:

“We didn’t conduct face-to-face interviews as we already knew them intimately. We felt that face-to-face interviews would have brought in too much subjectivity. We wanted to find out more about their motivation for applying, their feelings toward leadership, what they could bring to the programme and their ideas about store management for the future.”

And if you think Sonru sounds good now, we haven’t even told you about the seamless ATS integration that we’ve developed! Our technical team has created a complete API framework that embeds the video interviews into your ATS workflow. And did we mention that your can rest safe in the knowledge that our ISO 27001 data centre encrypts all your information to the same security level as a bank?

We want to Sonrufy your recruitment process (that means we will make it the most streamlined and cost effective it has ever been), all you have to do is pick up the phone and let us take care of the rest. After that? We add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.

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Sonru, a multi-award winning automated online video interview solution for screening candidates, replaces first round phone and on-site interviews.

Sonru is a global leader in the field of Asynchronous Video Selection. As recognised leaders in this field we have established the effectiveness and validity of using video in the recruitment process. Companies like Volvo, Nestlé, CERN, Boston Scientific, EA Games, eBay, Schroders and Oracle have innovated in their talent acquisition processes by using Sonru’s video interview solution.

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