Video InterviewingFinding Talent with Video Interviewing

Every day people all around the world watch millions of videos on the Internet and the numbers of hours they spend watching this type of content is apparently increasing by 50% every year. Moreover, studies say that 46% of adults who have online accounts have become content creators and are frequently posting photos and videos on their profiles.

Jobseekers are increasingly embracing video content. Companies need to come up with creative ways of using it in order to differentiate themselves in today’s highly competitive recruitment market, show off their company culture to attract the best talent and connect with potential candidates through video interviewing.

For example, Sonru, an Irish online video interview start-up, have issued a white-paper in which they state that video interviewing is becoming more and more mainstream and candidates would prefer a video interview to a face-to-face interview and three times as many respondents would prefer an automated video interview to a telephone-screening interview.


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