kjhguytresCandidate Experience Comes Under Microscope in REC Report

A report launched at the REC’s TREC event this week shows hirers are making basic mistakes in the way they engage with job applicants and consequently risk losing out on talent. The research from the report The Candidate Strikes Back explores the changing relationship between jobseekers and hirers. It argues that businesses need to do more to compete for candidates, and that people looking for new jobs have more power due to a high number of vacancies. The research found:

·         34 per cent of workers say that providing feedback to unsuccessful candidates is the single most important improvement that employers could make
·         51 per cent of workers who had a bad experience discussed it with friends and family
·         93 per cent of workers who described their last candidate experience as ‘bad’ were not asked for feedback from the employer.

SOURCE: theglobalrecruiter.com

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