Excited, happy girl giving thumbs up showing success, isolated oHow Best in Class Companies are Winning the Talent Wars

Whether you already use video in your organization or not, now is the time to start exploring video for maximum success. The Best in Class companies use video throughout their recruitment process and have a sure lead in the battle for high quality talent. Organizations use video to increase the impact of their employer brand and enhance their hiring process. Give your company a competitive edge and integrate video into your recruitment process. Here’s how…

Video Branding

The average American spends up to 19 hours a month viewing various types of video content on sites such as Vimeo and YouTube. Posting video to your company platforms will naturally attract the talent pools you’re looking for. Combine the information you obtained above on LinkedIn as a recruiting platform as a supplement to your organization’s social pages. Do this by uploading job descriptions and employee feature films which can attract traffic to your site by 36% compared to pages that don’t include video job posts.

SOURCE: talentculture.com

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