Time to hireYour Average Time to Hire – How do you Measure up?

After a recent survey published by the Dice-DFH Vacancy Duration Measure revealed that on average it took 26.8 working days to fill jobs in February – up almost by a day compared to January, we thought we had better launch our own investigation into our reader’s average length of time taken to hire. So, what better way to find out than including it into our latest poll question – ‘What is your average time to hire?’

Unsurprisingly, only 10% of recruiters reported that on average, it took over 12 weeks between sourcing a candidate to actual point of hire. We say unsurprisingly because as the war on talent and skills shortages continues to swell, we very much doubt that hiring managers and businesses would keep candidates on a 3 month string!

So what about the other end of the spectrum? 27% of respondents agreed with the Dice report and revealed that it took only up to 4 weeks to hire a candidate. Whilst this is great news for a candidate that may be desperate for a job, we can’t help but wonder if the company that’s hiring either has a very efficient and competent process or whether they are hoping to fill a role as quickly as possible and not giving much thought to the skills behind the candidate until it’s potentially too late.

A further 27% of companies take a little longer, averaging an 8-12 week hiring process but the majority of recruiters (36%) agreed that 4-8 weeks is the usual time taken for a new hire to be made.

As a recruiter, it’s so important to understand the metrics behind your time to hire and look to improve it as qualified candidates continue to be in scarce supply. Look to adopt new technologies that can both speed up the process but also save money – techniques such as video interviewing. You should also strive to create the perfect job description and maintain regular contact with the candidates that you stamp with your employer brand.

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