photodune-792391-close-up-of-business-hand-hold-touch-screen-mobile-phone-and-buttons-m (1)4 Ways that Mobile Benefits Recruitment

It would be hard to argue that mobile technology has not transformed our lives, with figures suggesting that by 2016 there will be more mobile devices on the planet that people. Mobile recruitment is also on the rise, with Glassdoor reporting that 89% of job seekers are now using their mobile phones to search for a new career. With mobile-optimised websites and video recruitment apps such as Sonru Record now readily available at the touch of a button, it’s hardly surprising that job hunting and interviewing on-the-go has become the new norm. Here’s four ways in which mobile benefits recruitment:

Best candidates

Having a mobile-optimised website for recruitment purposes enables firms to reach out to the best candidates. It can also speed up the recruitment process, which can ultimately save time and money. Any business that does not utilise mobile recruitment could be missing out on attracting the top candidates, who may then be poached by mobile-optimised competitors. Research has indicated that 79% of people who land on a website that is not mobile friendly will immediately find another site that is.


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