Video-Interview3 Ways Video Interviewing Has Revolutionized the Hiring Process

The hiring process is long and fraught with many perils. It is costly, and finding the candidate who is not only right for the job today but also right for the job in 6 months can be a real challenge.

With so many highly qualified workers available, the competition can also be fierce and in some industries, companies have to fight tooth and nail to hire the candidate they want. Many of the problem areas in attracting and maintaining employees happen during the process of hiring a prospective employee. The hiring process requires time and collaboration, but today’s market does not stop and wait.

Recently, video calling has also infiltrated the hiring process, and it has changed the way recruiters hire new employees. In a recent survey by Office Team, 63 percent of the top 500 companies are already using online video services for conducting interviews. Here are the top three ways that video interviewing has revolutionized hiring…


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