Video-Interview (1)3 Steps to Take Before Setting up your Next Video Interview

Admit it. As a professional recruiter, you’ve gone into a few interviews with candidates with a “wing-it” attitude (i.e. no particular structure). While you may be pressed for time with little opportunity to prepare, it’s the same as not meeting with the candidate at all. That’s right… and science agrees. However, there are a few measures you can take to support candidate fit. A 1998 study spanning 85 years on structured interviews conducted by Frank Schmit (University of Iowa) and John Hunter (University of Michigan) found examples of work, background checks and predetermined questions to be more effective than showing up unprepared. Let’s dig a little deeper.


With the emergence of social media in talent acquisition, many recruiters default to social platforms to assess the candidate’s cultural (and even functional) fit. They are important to the hiring process as it sifts unqualified candidates from the talent pool. Hiring managers shouldn’t ignore the benefits of a background check as 58% of hiring managers have caught lies on a resume and another 33% seen an increase in resume embellishment. Almost 72% of background checks uncover what otherwise would have gone unnoticed.


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