web-cam-796227_6403 Secrets of Video Interview Software

There are many reasons to adopt video interview software in your hiring process, but some of the hidden benefits don’t seem to get much airtime. Having watched thousands of organizations modernize their hiring process, we’ll unveil the hidden benefits that aren’t always talked about.

The Two Minute Disqualification

Ever meet a candidate where after the very first interview question, you knew that the candidate would be disqualified from the hiring process? When it’s an in-person interview, that moment can be stressful and awkward. Most interviewers continue the conversation through the allotted time period, but all-the-while they are reflecting on the fact that the candidate is not going to be eligible to advance to the next stage of the hiring process. Those are valuable seconds ticking by, that could have been spent with other more promising candidates.

With video interview software, when you send out a 1-way video interview screen, the candidate has no way to know whether you ended up reviewing the response in it’s entirety, or whether you reviewed only a portion of the response. So, when a candidate says something early-on in the response that is a disqualifier, you can close your browser and get back to other tasks. All without any awkward moment or awareness by the candidate.

SOURCE: interviewing.com

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