images (1)3 Changes in How to Acquire Today’s Top Talent

Companies are still reeling from the arrival of the first generation of truly social consumers into the market. But their arrival into the workforce might create more disruption than their new buying behaviors ever did. With over a third of the current workforce comprised of these social consumers — a number that will rise to nearly fifty percent by 2020 — companies would do well to factor the changing demands of this growing demographic into more than just their hiring strategy(1).

Social consumers, those consumers who integrate social media and mobile technology, and the increased information and leverage they bring seamlessly into their buying behavior, have used their collective buying power to become perhaps the first generation capable of forcing companies to rethink not only how they interact with consumers, but also their corporate policies (think of major corporations reacting to the Religious Freedom Act, Starbucks’ new employee education policy or United Airlines recent stance against big game trophy hunting). And they are now using this same consumer power to change companies from the inside out.


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